Price Of iPhone 3G Telkomsel

iPhone 3GPrice Of iPhone 3G Telkomsel

Telkomsel plants to launch its iPhone 3G in Indonesia tonight (20 March 2009) in Pacific Place, Pavilion-South Entrance, South Jakarta.

For that wish know price iPhone 3G Telkomsel, Telkomsel differentiates between postpaid and prepaid

For prepaid customer, iPhone 3G 8GB price is Rp.9.605.000,- whereas the 16GB Rp 11.205.000,-. This price is including the accesses
bonus of internet 500 MB.

Meanwhile for postpaid customer, Telkomsel offers some alternative packages as follows:

Packages PostPaid Turbo
Paket PostPaid Turbo
Handset Price 8GB Rp 4.455.000
Handset Price 16GB Rp 5.912.000
Monthly fee Rp 354.000
Bonus Free Data 500 MB

packages PostPaid Turbo Plus
Handset Price 8GB Rp 3.844.000
Handset Price 16GB Rp 5.301.000
Monthly fee Rp 488.000
Bonus Free Data 500 MB, Free Talk 180 minutes, Free 150 SMS

Packages Post PaidTurbo Premium
Handset Price 8GB Rp 2.622.000
Handset Price 16GB Rp 4.079.000
Monthly fee Rp 733.000
Bonus Free Data 1000 MB, Free Talk 360 minutes, Free 300 SMS
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New Nokia E71 Colors Read And Black

Nokia E71 Read & BlackNew Nokia E71 Colors Read And Black

Nokia E71 has new color version which is read and black. While the features of E71 read and black are still the same.

Camera 3.15 still attached with autofocus, flash, video, camera video call, WiFi and HSDPA also still exist. Keyboard QWERTY to support handphone messaging was still attached too.

The price at the market predicted about 5.3 million rupiah.
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