Harga NX-981, Nexian-Mobile-8, Fren Duo

Nexian-Mobile-8 NX-981, Handphone Music CDMA 2On

The success in cooperation with several biggest operators in Indonesia, (XL, Indosat and Telkomsel), Nexian continue to cooperate offering a bundling product with Mobile-8, the CDMA phone operator.
Nexian and Mobile 8 is going to sell a bundling product NX-981 bundled with Fren Duo Card.
By buying the NX-981, the user will have a music phone with Radio FM feature and Fren Duo Card, a SIM card with two active numbers (2On) in one card.
The price of Nexian-Mobile-8 is 299,000 rupiah.

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BlackBerry Gemini (Curve 8520) Price

BlackBerry Gemini (Curve 8520) Price

BlackBerry Gemini a.k.a BlackBerry Curve 8520 is real from BlackBerry, not a 'Fake BlackBerry' :) And the price of it will very competitive just about USD130.
RIM (Research In Motion) really want to release the middle/low price of their BlackBerry about August, 5 2009.
The cheap smartphone will be equipped with standard features such as 512Mhz next-generation processor, Touch-sensitive optical trackpad, Media player for music,Pictures and videos and 3.5 mm stereo headset jack, IM,SMS,MMS, Facebook, MySpace and Games.
For the first selling, RIM will collaborate with T-Mobile to sell Curve Gemini 8520.
Mr. RIM, do you want to kill the local 'fake Blackberry' like NexianBerry (NX-G900, NX-G911,NX-G922) , HT 30 Link, Micxon S900, Mito 8100, Asiafone AF903 and IMO B9000 in Indonesia ? :)

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Mito 8100 ‘Blackberry ‘Design Like Nokia E71

Mito 8100 'Blackberry 'Design Like Nokia E71

Mito 8100 just adopts the BlackeBerry feature and Nokia E71 design.
The Facebook and chatting phone will battle with Nexian (Nexian-XL, Nexian-Indosat, Nexian-Telkomsel), IMO G910 and HT G30 Link.
Mito 8100 has one advantage than others which is the feature claimed to easy access Faceboobook placed on D-Pad called 'Instant 1 Touch'.
FM radio, Bluetooth, Full QWERTY, Dual On GSM-GSM, audio/video player and slot microSD card was also served by the 8100.

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Nexian NX-G922 a.k.a Nexian-Telkomsel, Full QWERTY

Nexian NX-G922 a.k.a Nexian-Telkomsel, Full QWERTY

NexianBerry will present again in Indonesia, this time NexianBerry will work together with Telkomsel to boost the sale of NX-G922.
The Nexian-Telkomsel will be has the same features with the NX-900 (Nexian-XL) and NX -G911 (Nexian-Indosat) with main advantage features Facebook and Chatting application.
Full QWERTY keyboard, camera, slot microSD card,Dual On GSM, Bluetooth , and audio/video player will still exist in the handphone which maybe will price about 990,000 rupiah.

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Sony Ericsson S312, Nokia 2700 Classic's Competitor

Sony Ericsson S312

Sony Ericsson S312, Nokia 2700 Classic's Competitor

Sony Ericsson S312 prices about IDR 1.1 million.
The phone which plays at the same segment with Nokia 2700 Classic comes with standard features such as camera 2 megapixel, Bluetooth, memory card slot, video-music player, Memory 15 MB, GPRS 10, EDGE 10,WAP 2.0/xHTML, and FM Radio RDS.

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Micxon S900: Specification

Micxon S900: Specification

Micxon S900 comes with Facebook and chatting application eBuddy.
The handphone which its design looks like Blackberry Javelin will make the competition in Smartphone low price become tight. The old player that play in this segment for instance Nexian (NX-G900 XL & NX-G911 Indosat), HT Mobile (HT G30 Link) and IMO (G910 &IMO B9000).

Here are the specification detail, as follow:
Network: Dualband GSM (900/1800 MHz) & Dual On GSM;
Dimension: 10,67×5,14×0,96 cm; Weight: 136gr; Display: 2.2 inch, TFT 262,144 colors, 240×320 pixel;
External Memory: microSD up to 2GB;
Messaging: SMS, MMS;
Transfer data: GPRS class 12;
Connectivity: Bluetooth support A2DP, data cabel;
Browser: WAP 2.0 (Obigo);
Platform: MTK6225;
Camera: VGA, video recording;
Others: Polyphonic (MP3), Audio/video player, radio FM stereo, FM recording, Health, Lunar/solar calendar, Call in firewall, Phonebook 500 entri, Alarm clock, World clock, Calculator, Stopwatch, Mobile QQ messaging, Handwriting, E-book reader, PC webcam, Speakerphone, Game;
Baterai: Lithium ion

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Harga IMO G910 dan IMO B9000 Review, Fitur dan Spesifikasi

IMO G910 & IMO B9000: Review, Specs, Feature

IMO comes to offers their two handphone which similar with Nokia and Blackberry which are IMO G910 & IMO B9000.
IMO G910 is similar to Nokia E71 and IMO B9000 is similar to Blackberry Bold.
The emerging of IMO G910 & IMO B9000 seems like to battle with Nexian Facebook Phone and HT Mobile G30.
The following are the specs detail :

IMO G910:
Dualband GSM (900/1800 MHz) & Dual On GSM, data cabel, WAP, Polifonik (MP3), GPRS, Phonebook 100 entry, Calendar, SMS, MMS, Bluetooth (A2DP), Audio/video player, Calculator, Alarm, World Clock, To do list, Stopwatch, Currency converter, E-book reader, Speakerphone,Game, camera VGA, video recorder, microSD, facebook client, eBuddy client, radio FM, Java.
Display screen 11.4×5.8×1 cm, 121gr, TFT 262,144 colors and QVGA.

IMO B9000 :
Triband GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz) & Dual On GSM, ,GPRS class 12, Java, Phonebook 100 entry, Calendar, Calculator, Alarm, Clock, E-book reader, data cabel, WAP, Opera Mini, Polifonik (MP3), Audio/video player, facebook client, eBuddy client, Google, radio FM, Games, camera VGA, video recorder, Speakerphone, microSD up to 8GB,SMS, MMS, Email,Bluetooth (A2DP),
Display screen 11×6.2×1.17 cm, 2.4 inch, TFT 262,144 colors and QVGA

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HT G30: Review, Price, Specs And Feature At Glance

HT G30: Review, Price, Specs And Feature At Glance

HT Mobile just comes in Indonesia with Facebook phone called HT 30.
The popularity of HT Mobile 30 maybe the same as with Nexian NX-G900 when it's first time show up.
HT 30 offered Facebook application and eBuddy application that runs on Java application.
HT 30 was also equipped with GPRS class 12, camera VGA, several game with NES emulator, music player, and FM Radio.
The price of the dual on GSM phone rumored will about 990,000 rupiah.

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Nexian NX G911 Indosat Bundling, Handphone Facebook

Nexian-Indosat NX-G911
Nexian NX G911 Indosat Bundling, Handphone Facebook

Nexian has been in collaborating with Indosat to tight their sale Handphone Facebook in Indonesia, after success with XL.
Nexian-Indosat will sell Nexian NX-G911 with price 999,000 rupiah.
The buying of NX-G911, Indosat offers bundling with special offer bonus such as New Mentari and IM3 SIM Cards, free internet IM3 700 minuted and bonus internet 100 minutes.

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Advantage And Weakness Of Samsung C6625

Samsung C6625Advantage And Weakness Of Samsung C6625

The main conclusion of Samsung C6625 is complete features but the quite slow performance.
Samsung C6625 which cost price about IDR2.5 million has several advantages/strength for instance low cost price, Full QWERTY, support HSDPA, Windows Mobile 6.1 standard, support Facebook and Google Maps.
While the weaknesses of Samsung C6625 are on its camera that not support flash and autofocus, speaker attached in one with earphone and the processor performance is slow

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Samsung F309 CDMA R-UIM

Samsung F309 CDMASamsung F309 CDMA R-UIM

The price of Samsung F309 is around 1.2 million rupiah.
Samsung F309 comes with standard feature like WAP, memory 5 MB, MP3 player, phonebook 500 entry and camera 1.5 megapixel.
However, handphone which uses RUIM also has unique features which are SOS Message and advance mobile tracker.
Samsung F309 was also provided memory 5MB and slot microSD up tp 4GB.

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