Nexus One and iPhone 3GS Comparison

Nexus One and iPhone 3GS Comparison

It’s scheduled that the first Google phone, Nexus One is going to launch on January 5 2010.
Nexus One predicted would compete with IPhone 3GS, so how come Nexus One could compete with iPhone 3GS ? The following comparison may a little help.

The design of body structure of Nexus One is the same with iPhone 3GS which is slim and thin, exterior layer gleams from plastic.

The Processor used by Nexus One is Qualcomm Snapdragon dengan Clock Speed 1 Ghz (QSD8250), looks like promising than IPhone 3GS processor ARM-A8 dengan clock speed 833 Mhz.

The dDisplay screen of Nexus One is AMOLED-Screen 3.7 inch 480x854 pixel while iPhone 3GS is TFT 3.5 inch 320x480 pixel,

Nexus One speed loading web is fastest than IPhone 3GS

One of advantage of Nexus one that not found in iPhone 3GS is multitasking feature.

Nexus One equipped with camera5 megapixel flash led, autofocus trackball while iPhone is not support autofocus trackball.

About the price, Nexus One will cost about USD580, it’s cheaper than IPhone 3GS.

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