Harga Huawei U1280 hanya 699000 rupiah

Huawei U128
Huawei U1280 Price Only 699,000 Rupiah

Huawei U1280 comes with slim and dynamic design.
Huawei U1280 also claimed has clean sound and provides 3.5mm jack audio to listen music.
The main advantage of Huawei U1280 is the gadget supports 3G and as internet modem.
Apart of that, Huawei U1280 comes with several aplications such as Facebook, Operamini and Mig33.
Several other equipments of Huawei U1280 are for instance camera 2 megapixel, video call, FM Radio, 3.5mm jack audiom, Bluetooth and USB high speed.
Huawei U1280 price is about 699,000 rupiah.

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