SkyBee 80MB, 83RY, 80SS And 83AT Review in General

SkyBee 80MB, 83RY, 80SS And 83AT Review in General

During 9-13 June, SkyBee offers special price for SkyBee 80MB, 83RY, , 80SS and 83AT.
The following are price and specifications in general of that phones:

SkyBee 80MB:
Price : Rp. 299,000
Specs: Dual GSM, Big Sound, External Memory, Camera, MP3, FM Radio

SkyBee 83RY
Price: Rp. 399,000
Specs: External Memory, Shortcut Menu, Camera, Radio, MP3, Bluetooth

Price: Rp. 799,000
Specs: TV Analog, Camera, Radio, MP3/MP4, Trackball, Video Chat & Video Call

SkyBee 83AT:
Price: Rp. 499,000
Specs: Radio, MP3, Java, Big Sound, Music Phone, Camera

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