HTC HD7 and HTC 7 Mozart Available On December in Indonesia

harga HTC HD7 and HTC 7 Mozart
HTC HD7 and HTC 7 Mozart Available On December in Indonesia

The first Windows Phone 7 would available in Indonesia soon, and the gadget would brought by HTC.
The HTC WP7 are HTC HD7 and HTC 7 Mozart.
The WP7 phones would be competing with Android phones in Indonesia.
As WP7 phones, HTC HD7 and HTC 7 Mozart would be integrating wihg Microsoft services such as Xbox Live, Windows Live, Bing, and Zune.
Not forget, the devices is also provided weather forecasts and stock information.
The following are the key features and specifications of HTC HD7 and HTC 7 Mozart :
-Display:LCD 4,3 inch WVGA (800x480)
-Dimension 122 x 68 x 11.2 mm
-Weight 162g
-Processor 1Ghz
-ROM 512MB
-RAM 576MB
-kickstand features for enjoying movie with handsfree.
-Memory internal 8-16GB
-Camera 5MP dual led Flash video recorder HD 720p
-Xbox Live
-Advantage: video

HTC 7 Mozart
-Processor Qualcomm QSD 8250 1GHz
-Dimension: 119x60,2x11,9 mm
-Weight: 130 g.
-ROM 512 MB
-RAM 576 MB
-memory internal upto 8GB
-Touchscreen display 3.7 inch
-Camera 8MP with video 720p
-SRS WOW HD with virtual surround sound technology for better voice
-Advantage: aesthetics and ergonomic

The price of device that will be available on December are about 6.5 million and 5.9 million rupaih.

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