Mito 366 Price, Specs At Glance

Mito 366 Price, Specs At Glance

Mito 366 is the latest lineup of Mito Mobile in Indonesia.
Although not much information about the Mito 366 is revealed, we managed to get some.
Oddly enough, despite being advertised on television, the official website of Mito Mobile not displaying images, specifications and price of this smartphone.
Here are some specs Mito 366 is revealed:
-5MP Camera
-mp3, midi, mp4 and 3gp video format

Mito 366 while the price we got was in Palu of Central Sulawesi, Mito 366 is priced about Rp550, 000 with 2GB Memory Card.

Mito 366 Price and Specification Multimedia and Camera
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