Indosat Wiigo With Android On Demand Package Tariff

Indosat Wiigo Promo Girl
Indosat Wiigo With Android On Demand Package Tariff

After several times agao, Indosat held Android Expo with HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Huawei, now Indosat have new local Android weapon called Indosat Wiigo.
Indosat Wiigo was just released at Indosat Wiigo at Indonesia Cellular Show (ICS) 2010 with Android on Demand package that claimed as the first service in the world.
With Indosat on Demand package,the users are able to access unlimited data package, email services (mail POP2, IMAP), chatting (Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, MSN), and social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Koprol) with price as the following:
-Push mail and chatting package: Rp 40,000/month
-Social networking and chatting package: Rp 60,000/month
-Regular Package: Rp 120,000/month
While the price estimation of Indosat Wiigo is about 1.5 million rupiah.
And the features and specs of Indosat Wiigo are as the following:
-Keypad QWERTY
-OS Android 1.6 Donut
-Display 2.5 inch LCD TFT 65 K
-ROM 256 MB
-RAM 128 MB
-External memory 8 GB
-Camera 2 Megapixel
-Slot MicroSD

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