Nexian Rhoma-Ridho NX-G505 Good Bundling, Symbiosis Mutualism

Nexian NX-G505 Rhoma-Ridho
Nexian Rhoma-Ridho NX-G505 Good Bundling, Symbiosis Mutualism

It’s clever idea, in the era of bundling product, Nexian and Rhoma Irama and Ridho Rhoma collaborates and produce a beatuful Nexian Rhoma-Ridho phone a.k.a Nexian NX-G505.
Nexian take advantage of the both dangdut icon as brand ambassador while Rhoma uses the phone to promote his new single album AZZA and Ridho with Dawai Asmara song.
For the users, it should be a Rhoma and Ridho lover, also has been provided with several original songs such as Menunggu, Kerinduan, Penyakit Cinta, Keramat, Cuma Kamu and Darah Muda.
Nexian NX-G505 comes with the following specifications and features:
-Dual GSM 900/1800MHz
- Display 2.0 inch LCD
-Camera 0.1 Mega CMOS
-Facebook & Twitter
-Nexian Messenger
-6 Songs Rhoma Rhido
-Chat application: Y! M, MSN, Skype
-Voice Recorder
-MP3 Player
-Video player
-FM Radio
-GPRS Class 12
-Audio Recorder
-External Memory Support
-Language: Indonesian - Bahasa Indonesia
Previously Nexian also collaborate with Slank and produced Nexian Slank, while XP Mobile comes with XP-ST12.
The price of Nexian NX-G505 is only 399,000.

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