Harga Micxon X5i, X3i and X8i Galeri WTC Surabaya Jatim Expo

Micxon X8i, X5i and X3i
Micxon X3i, X8i and X5i Price and Specification

Special at Galery WTC Surabaya and Jatim Expo exhibition, Micxon Mobile offers special price of Micxon X3i, X8i and X5i.
The price of promoting event are Micxon X8i Rp.550000, X5i Rp. 399000 and X3i Rp.399000.
Micxon X8 Specification:
Dual SIM Card, Support Quad Band, Bluetooth, gravity acceleration sendos, standarf charger nokia and mp3 lyrics display, Stereo FM Radio With Loud Speaked
Micxon X5i specifications:
1.3 inch screen 65K colors, Bluetooth, GPRS (WAP), camera/video, mp3/mp4 player, FM Radio, Micxon X3i Specification:
GSM 65K Colors, Built in Flash Light, Blacklist Number, FM Radio

The schedule of exhibitions are :
Galeri WTC 25 - 31 March 2010
Jatim Expo 1 - 5 April 2010

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