ZTE Blade, Racer, Mercury and Smooth, Android 1.6

ZTE Blade, Racer, Mercury and Smooth, Android 1.6

ZTE introduced four smartphones that categorized as High End phone.
The Android phones mentioned are ZTE Smooth, ZTE Blade, ZTE Racer and ZTE Mercury.
ZTE Blade
High end smartphone sporting a 3.5 inch WVGA touch screen, runs Android 1.6 OS, GSM/UMTS, GPS, FM Radio, Bluetooth and WiFi.
ZTE Racer
OS 1.6, design frame white, display 2.8 inch WVGA touchscreen, wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, Radio, UMTS/3G.
ZTE Mercury
HTC Hero like, display 3.2 inch touchscreen, support EDGE, GPS.
ZTE Smooth :
OS 1.6, display 2.8 inch QVGA, keyboard Qwerty, GPS, Bluetooth, FM Radio and support 3G.

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I like ZTE smoth with support QWERTY keypad