LG Jacquar 5 and LG Pure Ponsel Murah Dari LG

LG Jacquar 5 and LG Pure The Cheap Phone

Two others of five LG phones leaked are LG Jacquar 5 and LG Pure.
The middle range phones would completed the LG midrange collection this year.
Just for remaining, the five of LG midrange phones leaked are The others leaked phones are LGKS365, LG GT405, LG GT400, LG Pure and LG Jacquar 5.
LG Pure is very sleek mid-range slider but 3G connectivity with HSDPA support.
About the UI, maybe, the phone that owns camera 5 MP, would has the same UI with BL20 New Chocolate.
The body of LG Pure is turns all-metal.
While, the LG Jacquar 5 is good looking low-end candy bar and it’s cheap.
VGA camera, MP3 player and microSD card slot are some of equipments of LG Jacquar 5.

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